Friday, July 21, 2017

.......and here's the next pic. It appears that the festivities in the principal's office are getting under way. It also appears that Lynne is going to get her wish and Linda will not be kicked off the cheer leading team......LOL. I hope you enjoy the new pic. Phil


  1. Oh the excitement or nervousness builds, I just love this part. Thank you so much for all the stories, you keep this so alive for me. Plus it's so sexxy..

    1. Hi Blush,

      I love this part too. It's this part that really gets the juices going. I'm glad you're enjoying my stories and I love knowing that you think it's sexy! Thanks, Phil

    2. Hi Phil, I have felt this way many times how embarrassing to have an audience. JJ

    3. Hi JJ,

      I'll bet it is embarrassing. As a matter of fact, I'll bet it's probably some really intense embarrassment. It sounds like some interesting emotions. Thanks, Phil