Wednesday, February 19, 2020

It inspired me so much that at a point in time, I decided to do a pic as a tribute to the drawing by Sassy Bottoms. That was quite a while back and I've been thinking that I should up date my tribute. I finally got that powered wheel chair a few days ago and I found that I could set at the computer for a while. It's not a comfortable as it was and I can't go as long but I thought re doing my pic might be a good test of what I can do.

Accordingly, I spent parts of the last 3 days working on updating this pic. I always figured that in the original, "the missus in distress" the husband had told his bride he was going to spank her bare bottom soundly if she misbehaved. She just had to know if he would really keep his promise and so deliberately behaved like a naughty girl which led to this predicament she is now in.....LOL.

I assumed the same circumstances for my pic too so I named it "Confirmation" since it appears she is definitely getting the confirmation that he will blister her bare bottom for sure. Anyway, here is the latest version of my tribute to "the missus in distress". I hope you enjoy it. Phil

Hi everyone,

The drawing I have posted here is one I discovered long ago. It is by Sassy Bottoms and is titled, "the missus in distress" and I'm sure you can all see the distress on both her face and her bottom end.....LOL.

It has been one of my favorites for 3 reasons. First off it shows a spanking between loving, romantic partners and I'm sure all know that's my favorite kind. Secondly, it clearly depicts the proper relationship between a man and his wife and thirdly, it's just a great drawing!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Hi everyone,

Normally I would have 2-3 pics after this one to finish up this toon. However, this was as far as I could get before I was forced to stop. I think this is far enough though. I'm sure all of you can fantasize what happens next. If possible, I will do a few more pics but if it isn't I want all of you to know that  I have enjoyed doing these stories for you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this last pic. Phil

Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday, January 10, 2020

Hi everyone,

Betty is now convinced she's getting a " real" spanking.....which is just what they both know she needs. I hope you enjoy the new pic. Phil

Friday, January 3, 2020

Hi everyone,

When a naughty girl tries to interfere with her spanking, it's time for a reminder....LOL. I hope you enjoy the new pic. Phil

Friday, December 27, 2019

Hi everyone,

Pete and Betty seem to have come to a point where they have different opinions about what "I can't take any more" actually means....LOL. I hope you enjoy the new pic. Phil