Friday, January 24, 2020

Hi everyone,

Normally I would have 2-3 pics after this one to finish up this toon. However, this was as far as I could get before I was forced to stop. I think this is far enough though. I'm sure all of you can fantasize what happens next. If possible, I will do a few more pics but if it isn't I want all of you to know that  I have enjoyed doing these stories for you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this last pic. Phil


  1. A great one to finish off with Phil!
    Who doesn't love a beautiful woman doing the spank dance.
    Wishing you well Phil and I hope you will still post from time to time , been if you repost some of your classics, and let us know how you are doing.
    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful art!

  2. Phil,
    Great pic to finish with. It has been our pleasure enjoying your stories. I have enjoyed them all.
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your wonderful art and stories will be missed.
    Many hugs of thanks,

  3. Long time lurker here - thanks for all stories and art!

  4. Hope you start feeling better Phil! Thanks so much for all the wonderful art...

  5. Thanks for all the stories and artwork over the years!

  6. Doing the spank dance, indeed! The reason I like your stories and pictures more than most others is that I can feel your empathy with the young ladies getting their bare bottoms spanked as much as with the young boyfriends and husbands who take them in hand - and over the knees - because they love them. Best wishes for you in future.