Friday, September 14, 2018

In pic 2, our cheerleaders seem a bit nervous as Mrs. Holmes spells out the details......LOL. I hope you enjoy the new pics. Phil


  1. Interesting that Lynne volunteered to go first!
    Nice pics Phil!

    1. Hi Minelle,

      I thought your comment was interesting as well. I did that for 2 reasons. For one thing Lynne is head cheerleader and takes her duties seriously. Secondly, I wanted to make it clear that she is a level headed young lady who figures this is "only" a spanking.

      From your comment, I get the idea that you saw a different reason for her to volunteer:D Perhaps you might elaborate on that just as bit for us. Thanks, Phil

    2. I took it to be a greater desire. A need she recognizes and supports for herself. :)

    3. Hi Minelle,

      That's an interesting thought. Considering that spanking she got from her dad, you just might be right;). Thanks, Phil