Friday, May 11, 2018

Hi everyone,

It looks like Ed is getting things situated for their discussion......including Frances.....LOL. I hope you enjoy the new pic. Phil


  1. Sometimes men are hypocritical and claim that they only spank their wives or girlfriends for their own sake. I'm glad that your men are not like that - they clearly enjoy dealing with naughty everything will turn out girls in need of a corrective spanking. He enjoys taking her in hand, and she has the usual mixture of fear and excitement. No doubt her bottom will be red and sore, before he has finished with it - and no doubt everything will end well for both of them, and even though she enjoys the loving care and tenderness (pun intended) after the spanking, she will only try to avoid a repeat performance in the immediate future.

    1. The reason for that is because I always enjoyed spanking my girls in real life. I always loved naughty girls who needed regular spankings. To me, spanking a girl who really deserves a good spanking is much more arousing than just role playing or play spanking.

      The process of giving such a spanking to a naughty girl starts well beforehand when her transgressions are first revealed. She knows she has been naughty and deserves a spanking so she has a lot of butterflies in her stomach, not knowing for sure if I will spank her or not, as I question her about just what happened. Once all the facts are revealed and I announce the spanking, she knows for sure she's going to get a spanking and her dread, excitement and other emotions start to get really intense. My arousal and anticipation really get rolling too.

      It is this entire process that really sets the stage for the spanking to come. Without it, the spanking wouldn't be nearly as intense or as effective.

      I never tried to hide the fact that I enjoyed spanking her and I always made it clear that I was always spanking her because I loved her as well. As you said, she always loved the after care.....including sex. She might try to avoid a spanking for a short while, at least until her bottom is back to normal, but ultimately she will be back for more. Thanks, Phil