Friday, February 9, 2018

Hi everyone,

It would appear that Betty still isn't done trying to make changes in the spanking Linda is about to receive, even though Pete seems ready to proceed.....or maybe he's just waving to everyone........LOL. I hope you enjoy the new pic. Phil


  1. Hi Phil,
    I see that the new stories, continue with this action, Linda who or her mom has dropped the panties of Linda, and here it is ready for a nice spanking naked ass, and to make things always better, she will be spanked also the paddle, and all this has a spectator who does not lose any moment of future action, it is the party to Linda for our greatest pleasure. Vincent

    1. HI Vincent,

      I'm glad you enjoyed watching Linda's mom taking her panties off to get her ready for a bare bottom spanking. Phil is really enjoying all this and who knows just what actions watching Linda's spanking will cause him to take in the future......LOL. Thanks, Phil