Friday, June 23, 2017

Hi everyone,

It seems we have a new aspect of getting a spanking from a boyfriend for the girls to discuss. I hope you enjoy the new pic. Phil


  1. Hi Phil, here we are the ending the spanking of Xandra, and the discussions go on, with always this staging, to make the very beautiful spanking of Xandra, and the discussion of the girls, between the humiliation of being put At the corner, and that Walter looks at her beautiful red asses, after the latter put a punishment on her naked ass to the rule, I remember the last two tones, or the progression of the spanking, with these Beautiful buttocks that received the slaps and Xandra who was totally at the mercy of his friend. And the equally enjoyable discussion of the experiences of the girls who, as one moment or one of them tells the spanking in family by her father in front of her brothers and sisters and then cornered, under the laughter of the latter, yes Phil, you Gives us a very pleasant time each time, and for that I thank you warmly. Bravo for all this work. see you soon . Vincent

    1. HI Vincent,

      I'm glad you enjoyed the view of Xandra dancing in the corner as well as the conversation among the girls! We have just a little conversation left to go until we get to the end of this long toon and I hope you'll enjoy that too. Thanks, Phil