Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hi everyone,

I've always thought it's interesting how much difference there is between what naughty girls SAY and what they're REALLY thinking......and feeling......LOL. I hope you enjoy the new pic. Phil


  1. Hi Phil, I am always very attentive to all the discussions of girls, especially the narration of Barb, which through it tells Anna and Xandra her spanking, with a way that I adore as much as she submits voluntarily to Phil , Or the details are most explicit a real exitation for the fessers as we say in France, her ass already well blushed by the spanking that Phil puts her on beautiful buttocks or her suffering but as she was very wicked, Have not complained but on the contrary, the progression of spanking will be most awaited, by him but also by her, and it is the interest of the scene, a common pleasure, that she tells divinely and we Let us see, his face very expressive, which says a lot about the action that will follow with the rule, which will follow very soon. Thank you for his phil moments. Vincent

    1. Hi Vincent,

      My wife had surgery and I have been dealing with that for the last 9 days so I am way behind on everything and don't really have time to properly answer everything but I did want to say thanks for your comments. Phil