Friday, March 17, 2017

Hi everyone,

It looks like Barb has done all she can to control the intensity of her spanking and has now turned that control over to turning herself over......HEH HEH! I hope you enjoy the new pic. Phil


  1. Hello phil, your last toon, is really very good, this conditioning, I like a lot, barb will receive his spanking, and she even demand, the fact that she tells Xandra and Anna gives a special dimension very exiting Must accept it. The preparation is done very methodically and her pretty ass well done just as her submission to walter once and bein before elsewhere or the boy also takes a real pleasure to see this naughty in front of him and be set to cross his knees To be spanked, to the hands and the rule. That of happiness and the clapping of soon to be heard for our greatest pleasure. Thanks phil. Has very binentot for the continuation of the punishment of barb. Vincent

    1. Hi Vincent,

      I'm glad you enjoyed this pic:D. I especially appreciated your comment that Xandra telling the other girls about her spanking gives it a special dimension. Girls talking about their spankings with each other has always been a favorite fantasy of mine which is why I have been presenting this toon in this way and I like it that you appreciate that too.

      I agree with you about Barb's submission and it was my intention to make her submission the focus of this pic by showing her bottom up over Phil's lap so I like it that you noticed that. It makes me feel like I got my point across just as I had intended:D.

      I know if I was the spanker in this pic, I would be enjoying the view of Barb ready for her spanking..........and of course, once the spanking starts too. I hope you will enjoy the view in the coming pics too as that spanking takes place. Thanks, Phil